Size 11 FAQs

Being a size 11 in shoe size is not the easiest thing in the world. But never fear 11& is here to help you every step of the way. Here we'll answer all of your size 11 frequently asked questions. But check out the rest of this site every weekday for trendy, fashionable designer shoes available in size 11.

Here are some commonly asked questions by the size 11 shoe community that we hope will help you in your size 11 shoe shopping adventure.

Are the only shoes on this site size 11 shoes?

No, that is actually a big misconception with this site. All of these amazing shoes are available in size 11 but just like another shoe available online they most likely come in a size 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. So don't worry, if you come here just for the awesome shoe candy but you don't wear size 11 that's totally fine. Because if you do feel the need to purchase one of these shoes chances are that they come in your size as well. Happy browsing!

What do the letters like B, M, N, W that come after my shoe size mean?

Letters like B, M, N, W are commonly put after the size of a shoe to give more description about the shoe. Each letter means something:

B - means medium
M - means medium as well
N - means narrow
W - means wide

What's my European size? Why are there shoe sizes in the 30's and 40's, I'm just looking for size 11?!

European sizes are labeled differently than American sizes. They come in the same sizes but are labeled differently numerically. But never fear 11&Chic is here to help. Here are the European to American size conversions for you women out there with larger shoe sizes.

41 EUR - 11 US
39 EUR - 9 US
40 EUR - 10 US

It's also important to remember in your size 11 shoe shopping journey that all shoes are not created equal. You may be a 40 in one style of a shoe and a 41 in another. Even if they're made by the same brand. Know how particular shoes fit you: sandals, flats, pumps and make wise choices. And also it's vital that you check here every weekday at 11& for a new selection of size 11 (or 41) shoes that are chosen just for you! No other site on the web has gorgeous, trendy, fashionable shoes available for you to choose from every weekday, only we do at 11& so look around and start browsing and buying!

Where can I find upscale designers frequently carry size 11 shoes?

If you are looking to find upscale shoe designers that frequently carry size 11 shoes you should read our article 5 Upscale Designers That Always Carry Size 11 Shoes to discover the designers that carry shoes that best suit you.

Happy shopping!


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