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     How many of you are tired of going to department stores or online and never finding a shoe in your size? Or how many of you look online for speciality stores that carry sizes 11 and up and find nothing but horrible shoes? Well look no further. 11&Chic is here for you. With a great selection of designer shoes, 11&Chic helps you find size 11 and up designer shoes that fit you. Oh and don't forget, chic! Just look for the pictures of the shoes that are gorgeous and that you like and follow the url to the site to purchase the shoes and "voila" that is how 11&Chic works. A concentrated spot for you to find all the shoes that fit you with out sifting through numerous sites to find the gorgeous amazing designer shoes. We do the sifting for you! So welcome to 11&Chic. Happy Shopping!

We Want To Give You The Best We Have to Offer So...

Here are Some Ways to Get The Best Experience Out of 11&

1. View 11&Chic's Size 11 Shoe Gallery

11&Chic's Shoe Gallery displays new shoes that come in size 11. If you're just looking for a browsing experience of cute shoes that are available in size 11 check out the shoe gallery for all of the best shoes. Just pumps available now, so just click on pumps.

2. Check Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for New Posts

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday a new post is added to 11& that links to a website where you can view and purchase the shoe of your choice.
All you need to do is find the "view/purchase @" links found underneath each image for a link to the site item can be purchased.

Wednesday Wins???

 Every Wednesday 11&Chic creates posts labeled as Wednesday Wins. Wednesday Wins are modestly priced ($75 or less), gorgeous shoes that are available in a womens' size 11 or higher. This will be a weekly occurrence, so look forward to these amazing deals every Wednesday here at 11&Chic!

3. Use the 2 Search Tools to Find the Shoe of Your Dreams

To make your experience even more rewarding use the two search features found on the right hand corner of the page to search for a specific size 11 shoe.
You can use the search bar to search for a particular brand, style, or color and then the search engine will find the shoes that best match your search.
Or you can you use the categories and search shoes according to the type of shoe you're looking for.

4. Follow Us On Blogger or Bloglovin'

By following this blog through either Blogger or through Bloglovin' you can be updated when 11&Chic makes a new post. So follow us in either one of these ways to be informed when there are new shoes on 11&Chic.

5. On the Go?! Keep Up With Our Social Networks for Recent Updates

11&Chic is now on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest for your following enjoyment. So follow us on one or all of these social networking sites so that way you can get the scoop on new fitting designer shoes instantly.

6. Facebook

On our Facebook page we have all the shoes we've posted as they're posted. We also have videos, of select shoes that we've posted so you can see how you would rock those shoes! We also have lots of shoe info articles and shoe "candy" (beautiful pics of gorgeous shoes) for your viewing and reading enjoyment. We hope you join us on 11&Chic's Facebook page and that you enjoy the benefits of being a Facebook member!

Also don't forget to help your friends out, like, retweet, or repin some of your favorite posts to share with your friends. Your friends will thank you because of it and so will we!

11& is just one website made for you to explore and enjoy. And all of it is only a click away, so happy viewing!


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