Saturday, March 23, 2013

Christian Louboutin Spring Collection

More beautiful shoes like this in the Spring 2013 Christian Louboutin Collection. Take a look at the full collection when you read more...

Hey ladies. The spring 2013 shoe collections are here and 11&Chic is here to show you the highlights! 

Today we have Chrisitian Louboutin's Spring 2013 collection. In this year's collection Louboutin implements lovely baroque swirls, exotic themes, and fabulous and fearless color blocking. My favorites are a bigger image size than the others with comments. I hope you like them too! After seeing them all don't foget to be sociable and tweet your comments to @11Chic. Enjoy!

Au Hameou
This shoe is sooo enchanting. Has to be one of my favorites.


So gorgeous and very exotic looking. I love it.

Very exotic, but the remix. It's cute and I love it.

This shoe is really fun. I really enjoy the mixture of the colors. Brown, white and blue, who knew?!

Gorgeous color blocking again. Yellow, teal, white, red. I like it.


These shoes are fun. Love the studs. So edgy and chic. I love it. Love all the variations as well.

High Boubou
This shoe is really fun. I love all the ruffles, and the colors are so vibrant. Love.


This fun tie-dye psychedelic shoe is gorgeous. I really love it.


Pretty has to be another one of my absolute favorites! I love this pink/nude shade, it's so gorgeous and the color blocking in it is to die for.

Same here, black and red, who doesn't love it. Also shows a peak of skin. Why not?

This is a very edgy shoe but I really like it. Shoes a lot of foot and has a cool metallic cap for the toe. The red in the back is pretty awesome too.

So edgy. Feels exotic as well. Love all the criss crossing as well. This is a fun, gorgeous shoe.

Another one of my favorites. Love all the patterns and the colors of the patterns. So gorgeous!

That concludes Christain Louboutin's S13 collection, I hope you enjoyed it. For the link to all the shoes check out Be social and tweet @11Chic any and all of your thoughts about Christian Louboutin's Spring 2013 collection. Have a great day!

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