Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Women's Kit Bow Pump - Size 11 ~ Fioni - Wednesday Win! - 11&

Want to find out more about these absolutely cute shoes? Keep reading to find out more...

These shoes are called the Kit Bow pump by Fioni. This shoe is made out of a fabric combination that has an amazing appeal. It's shade is so beautiful. I love it's pastel feel. The shoe also features a peep toe and a lovely twisted bow on its vamp. This is totally a cute shoe and I hope you enjoyed it.

The conversation continues on TWITTER! The question for today is... What does this bow on the vamp remind you of? Funny question I know but I think that we could get some really interesting answers. To me it reminds me of cake dough that's been twisted in a very stylish way, that's about to baked into a pastry. Anyway... lol, Let me know what you think as a response to this question on TWITTER and you could win the chance to be featured in this post next week for all the future readers of 11& to see! 

Have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow!

- V

Thanks for reading! :)

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