Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Get the Look ~ 11&Chic ~ "Casual & Classy" ~ Feb 4, 2013

Looking for the pieces to this chic outfit? Keep reading to find out more...

This outfit just puts me in a cozy dream. I really like all of these pieces. They all feel very casual and classy and I really like them all together. So as displayed today we have a cable knit sweater by A Wear. It's in a very lovely taupe shade. Then we have a pair of boot cut jeans by Goldsign. Then to accessorize this outfit I found a really cute Micky Mouse necklace by Disney Couture at ASOS. It's so cute and gold-toned and it complements the outfit very nicely. Then there's the beautiful Reed Krakoff satchel in Saddle. Very causual and yet very cute. (And also very pricey, so kudos to the ladies who make enough bank to purchase this satchel!). Then lastly there's the boots that inspired this whole outfit. They were featured last week on 11& and you can find them here. The rest of the links to the pieces found in this outfit can be found below. I hope you enjoyed it and you have some outfit ideas or new pieces that your excited to buy. Let me know what you thought about this outfit in the comments below. Have a great day and I'll see you all tomorrow! :)

Thanks for reading! :)

Cable Knit Sweater View/Purchase @

Goldsign Boot Cut Jeans View/Purchase @

Disney Couture Necklace: View/Purchase @

Reed Krakoff Satchel: View/Purchase @

Beautiful Size 11 Boots: View Here @ 11&

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