Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Looking for Cute Size 11 Shoes? ~ Check Out "Troopa" by Steve Madden

Aren't these boots amaze?! Keep reading to find out more about them...

These boots featured above are called Troopa by the awesome shoe designer Steve Madden. The rest of them are sold out! These shoes are so popular and selling out like Lady Gaga concert tickets! These Steve Madden boots are made out of natural leather and have a 1 inch block heel. They're made with a zipper going along the side so that way you don't have to ruin the perfect look of the lace-up part of the boot. 

So...What do you think of this boot? I obviously really like them. I think they'd be cute with a slightly masculine and casual outfit. Can you say: flannel shirt and skinny jeans? But what do you think?

The conversation continues on 11&Chic's TWITTER page. Retweet your opinion to the question: What would be the cutest thing to wear with this outfit? What would be the worst? You might just get featured in this post if your response is the most awesome! As always take care and I'll see you guys tomorrow for your Wednesday Win! 


Thanks for reading! :)

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