Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Innis" by Vince Camuto in Size 11 at 11&

If you're looking for these magnificent sandals, keep reading to find out more ...

These sandals are absolutely wondrous. Don't they just remind you of a palace? If there was a palace decorated from floor to ceiling with shoes, you would find these on one of the racks. I'm sure of it. "Innis" by Vince Camuto has strapping that has a mix of metal and leather. It has a bit of a wedge to make it more comfortable to walk in, it's description says. So much detailing, so much chicness is going on with this shoe, and most importantly it's available in size 11.

So tell me what do you think? Don't forget that the shoe convo continues on TWITTER! Today's question is: If you could only wear these shoes once, where would you wear them and why? I'd love to hear you're responses let me know what they are on TWITTER and you could win the chance for your tweet to be featured on this blog post! Have a great day all and I'll talk to you tomorrow :)


Thanks for reading! :)

Gold Metallic Snake

Steel Metallic Snake

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