Tuesday, January 8, 2013

11&Chic Monday's Get the Look ~ "Chic 'n Sneaks" ~ Monday January 8, 2013

Want to find out more about the pieces in today's outfit? Then keep reading...

This outfit is so stylish. But very lax, chill and cool. One of my favorites. Today we have bright eye-popping leggings, stylish Jessica Simpson jacket, gorgeous BUTI bag. The links are down below. Let me know what you think of this stylish outfit. Have a great Monday and I'll be with you tomorrow with a great new pair of size 11 shoes! 

Stretch leggings  View/Purchase @ Nordstrom.com
White Faux Leather Jacket View/Purchase @ Nordstrom.com 
Sneaks View @ 11andchic.com

Thanks for reading! :)

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