Friday, October 5, 2012

New Jessica Simpson Size 11 Boots ~ Audriana

Are you interested in these perfect for fall boots by Jessica Simpson? Well keep reading to find out more...

Aren't these boots classic. To me they are perfect for fall because they are a neutral enough to be perfect for any fall outfit. The fact that these boots are made up of only two distinct shades makes them cool and different, yet still neutral enough to fit with any outfit. These heels are 4" so they won't be too uncomfortable or make any of you ladies feel like an amazon. They also have a 1/2 pump which makes them a bit more comfortable to walk around with during the day or night. 

So I hope that you enjoyed these shoes. Tell me what you think of them, I'd love to hear, I read and respond to any comment you make! Take care, and have a great weekend everybody! I'll see you on Monday with a Monday outfit idea! :)

Thanks for reading! :)

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