Friday, September 7, 2012

Size 11 Aldo Pump High Heels ~ Abrianna


Black Miscellaneous

When I saw these shoes on I had to just stop, take a deep breath, and then click on them to find out more about them because they're just so incredibly amazing! I can't get enough of these heels. I hope you can't either and I hope that I lead you to a pair of shoes that you are prepared to buy, which is what I always hope to do on this site. My favorite is "Bone". "Black Miscellaneous" is my next favorite. There's also a not so flattering, completely blue one that I didn't put on here. I just didn't think it was flattering. My favorite thing about these heels is all the beautifully contrasted colors. (That nude, pink, & purple, gorg!) So I hope you like these and that you go to check them out, they're a bit expensive and a bit high (5.4') but they do have a platform (for comfort), and they're super cute for a size 11! So tell me what you think of these shoes in the comments below, or on Facebook! :) I can't wait to hear from you!

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