Monday, September 10, 2012

Get the Look Monday's: September 10th ~ "Chic Day at the Office"

I think this outfit is so cute. (If I do say so myself!) The school girl trend is very in for this fall and I think that this outfit really embodies that look to the max. But instead of a school girl wearing this outfit, I can see this outfit being much more fitting for a woman working in the office. This outfit is very schoolgirl chic, yet very professional. It features a very chic, in my opinion, necktie blouse, with cute black cuffs. Then there's the gold studded knee length skirt that's so cute and what I really believe makes this outfit what it is. Next there's the pyramid stud earrings that I really like and to top it all off a pair of boots that can be viewed in more detail here that were featured on 11&Chic two Wednesday Wins ago. So I hope you enjoy looking into that shoe and the other pieces shown here. As always the links are below. Continue having a great, Monday! :)

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Pyramid Studs:
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  1. LOVE IT!!!

    Great ensemble.

    1. Thank you, I'm so glad you like it. Thanks for visiting and come back again soon! :)