Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vince Camuto Amber Bootie Look-A-Like

Have you been looking everywhere for the Vince Camuto "Amber" Bootie? We know how hard it's been, we've been looking too. But we're starting to get the feeling that they're all sold out or out of stock, are you? Well don't worry, we're here to save the day. We think we may have found the solution to all of your frantic searching. A look-a-like! A perfect one. And it's still in stock (and available in some pretty funky colors)! Can you tell the difference between the two photos? We can't! ;) Well, the first one is the Vince Camuto bootie, and the second one is the INC International Concepts bootie. You can't tell the difference between them, can you? You're welcome... :)

Vince Camuto "Amber" Bootie

INC International Concepts Bootie

For the link to the INC International Concepts Bootie click the link below:

11&Chic's INC International Concepts Bootie Post

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  1. I love the boots!they do look alike :) Big like!

    1. Right! We're glad you like them :)