Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Size 11 Nine West Pumps ~ Drought

Grey Multi Pony Hair

Red Suede

Black Suede

Blue Green Suede

These cute pumps come in a variety of colors. Love the standard shape of the pumps and then the addition of different colors and prints on the suede is just so much fun. Hope you enjoy these shoes, they're just so much fun aren't they? Tell us what do you think? Do you like you like all the different prints? Do you like the suede solids or the suede animal prints better? Which one is your favorite? Put your comments in the description box below or share on Facebook! Love to hear what you think! :)

***Available in more colors like: Dark Blue Suede, Natural Croc Pony Hair, Purple Suede***
***Click the links above to check out the other shoes***

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