Monday, June 18, 2012

What to Wear Mondays: June 18th 2012 ~ Pink Lace Shorts

This outfit is the perfect spring/summer outfit. You'll be looking cute and lovely in this chic warm weather outfit. Today we have for you pink lace shorts! Lace shorts are very in style this season, so you'll be keeping up with the trend. Then to complement the shorts we have a cute white neck tie blouse from Saks Fifth Avenue.  This top gives the outfit a touch of casual glamour. Then we have a very cute rhinestone heart ring from Forever 21 that perfectly pairs with the very popular and best-selling sandals included in this board. You can view 11&Chic's post on these shoes here so that way you can get more information about them (like the different colors their available in, etc.) for yourself. So that's the What to Wear Monday, for today, we hope you enjoyed it and that we gave you some inspiration, or pieces to check out in the future!

Did you like this outfit? What's your favorite piece? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Pink Lace Shorts View/Purchase @

White Neck Tie Blouse View/Purchase @

Rhinestone Heart Ring View/Purchase @

For the SHOES check out this recent blog post to find out more about them!

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