Friday, June 29, 2012

New Arrival Summer Jessica Simpson Size 11 Shoes ~ Patia in Black Ivory Dots and Yellow Ivory Dots

Yellow Ivory Dots

Black Ivory Dots

Can you say retro chic with a dose modern influence? Or is that too much of a mouthful?! Well that's just what we think of theses beautiful Jessica Simpson platform heeled sandals. They remind us of the retro look with the colors of the sandals and the dots just re-emphasize that. They're perfect for the spring and summer months for fun days out, and we can see these shoes still being in style next spring so if you get them, just think of them as an investment! These beautiful shoes will never be out of style. Purchase them at for $98.

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Do you like these shoes? Are they you're style? Do you think they have a retro feel? If not what kind of feel do they have to you? Do you think these shoes will still be in style next spring and summer? Are you going to get them? Let us know in the comments below!

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