Monday, May 28, 2012

What to Wear Monday's: May 28, 2012


Happy Memorial Day everybody! Today we are introducing a new theme for Mondays called What to Wear. Every Monday we are going to be giving you outfit ideas that feature lovely pieces that are featured with shoes that come in size 11. 

Today we have for you a very chic Memorial day outfit, that can be worn for your day at the park or anywhere else. This is the perfect outfit to wear to the mall, to the movies, or to hang out with friends. It's totally chic. A long beautiful maxi dress paired with chic futuristic jewelry pieces, toped of with a cute jeans jacket that basically makes the whole outfit cute. Finally this outfit is paired with sandals that really bring out the blue in the futuristic earrings and make the other colors in the outfit, especially the orange, really pop. We love this outfit and we're sure you will too!


Topshop Maxi Dress View
Topshop Earrings View
Topshop Rings View
American Eagle Jeans Jacket View

For the shoes check out this recent post to find out where to get them

Don't forget to click on the "View" link above for more qualities and information about the shoe you are interested in!

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