Friday, April 20, 2012

What to Wear to the Mall On The Weekend: Featuring 11&Chic's Most Popular & Bestselling Shoes Size 11 Shoes for Tall Women



Aren't these great pieces! Today 11&Chic is presenting you with ready-to-wear ideas for a possible saturday at the mall! We have paired these best-selling shoes (that are in women's size 11): Parissa by Jessica Simpson and Brash's Jupiter Platform Sandal, with new arrival clothes and even more new arrival accessories.

We hope you like this collection we've chosen for you today.
 An affordable fringed tribal necklace from Forever 21. A sleek racerback vest top from Topshop, and cool, edgy skull print leggings also from Topshop. We also have for you a new arrival Coach purse, (Madison Embossed Python Flap Carry-all), along with a similar purse from Bebe that is more affordable. 

This light pink pastel based outfit is perfect for a spring day at the mall. The brown purse options give the outfit a pop of color. Add more pop by choosing to wear Jessica Simpson's Parissa or keep it casual with Brash's Jupiter Platform the choice is all up to you!

Happy Shopping! 

View Jessica Simpson's (Silver) Parissa Shoe Here at
View Brash's Jupiter Platform Sandal (Brown) Shoe Here at

Necklace: Forever 21             View
 Top:  Topshop                       View
Leggings: Topshop                 View
Purse (left-most side): Coach    View
Purse (right-most side): Bebe    View

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